Perfect entertainment for your party




Professional 5-Piece dance band

Customer song choices from our song list

D.J. service during all band breaks

All dress codes up to tuxedos available

All announcements necessary are provided

Piano available for cocktails and/or dinner

Full set-up before guests arrive


The five band members have over 200 years of combined experience as professional musicians.
Since 1985, we have played literally thousands of engagements.
Our ability to responsibly entertain all ages has been the cornerstone of our success and longevity in the entertainment business.


Many of The Rhythm Rockers performances are for private parties (weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, reunions, holiday parties, and corporate banquets). Since 1985, the band has appeared in most of the popular private party venues in the St. Louis area. Take a look at our list of venues. In addition to playing 35 - 40 weddings and bar / bat mitzvahs per year, The Rhythm Rockers regularly play for corporate clients. Here are of some the band's past corporate clients.

Although the band plays a majority of its performances in nightclubs, the presentation for most private parties is somewhat different, if needed. The band can be dressed in tuxedos, suits or casual wear depending on the occasion. The music is usually not as loud as in a nightclub performance and the variety of music is wider to appeal to the age range of the audience. If the band is needed to play during a meal, soft instrumental music is also available.

Often during private affairs, a certain amount of master-of- ceremonies duties are needed. The band is always available to make announcements, introduce guests, organize traditions (the throwing of the garter and bouquet,etc.) and otherwise help the party run smoothly and effectively.

To have an effective performance, The Rhythm Rockers need a minimum stage area 8 feet deep and 24 feet wide. One electric circuit of at least 20 amps is required for the musical equipment. Another circuit (not just more plugs) of at least 20 amps is needed if the band is expected to provide stage lighting. The equipment will be set up before any guests arrive, provided access to the room is available 2 hours prior to that time.

The band will allow 15 minutes of break time for each hour contracted. During those breaks, music on CD will be played if desired. We will also be glad to play CD music provided by the client. We carry a variety of songs popular at parties to fill some of those requests not performed by the band (Electric Slide, Y.M.C.A, We Are Family, New York,NewYork, Macarena, etc.).

For cocktail hour and dinner time, solo piano playing is also available and quite popular with past clients. A very large repertoire of standards, Broadway songs and popular piano favorites is available to satisfy all needs and moods. We can use a piano at the venue or provide a digital piano ourselves.

Private party performances are booked as far in advance as needed on a first-come first-serve basis. Many are booked 12 - 15 months in advance, but typically 6-9 months in advance. We look forward to working closely with all private party clients to make their affair successful and memorable. Please e-mail us to personally discuss pricing and details.